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:iconworriedgobberplz::iconsaysplz: I've seen a Nadder's spine slice through a man's eyeball like a grape. Watched me own arm get devoured by a Monstrous Nightmare. But never, NEVER have I seen anything so disturbing....... as the back of this guy's gallery! Enjoy anything else though. I'm going to the forest to scream.



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Eriza and Kerikal by The-Demihuman
Eriza and Kerikal
I'm getting hooked on Wakfu. I had to make an OC. And here they are. Eriza and her shushu frenemy; Kerikal.

Name: Eriza Grith
Race: Masqueraider
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Green
Hometown: Bonta
Likes: Gobbowl, drinking, eating, hitting people, tofus, and being inside.
Dislikes: Kerikal's back-talk, being hit, bow meows, perverts, poison ivy, Brakmar, and having to use her Coward Mask.
Friends: Kerikal (sort of), Ulrik (Iop brother) and Krona (Xelor, best friend).
Enemies: Emporg, the bow meow that lives outside her house, and Kerikal (if he makes her angry).
Info: Eriza was actually not raised around Masqueraiders, but rather Iops. This resulted in her becoming extremely reckless. She even became a Shushu Guardian assigned to look after her Shushu; Kerikal. She was adopted by a family of Iops after she was forgotten as a baby. She had to study hard to fight like the Masqueraider she was born as, but her lack of common sense makes this slightly more difficult than it should. Despite being among a species not hers, she doesn't care about finding her real family. Her hobbies include getting drunk or playing Gobbowl with her stepbrother; Ulrik. Her foul mouth and sharp tongue have a tendency to get her in trouble and she doesn't back down in an argument even if she's clearly lost.

More info to be added.

Wakfu is (c) to Ankama
Mega Bronzong :iconsteeltypeplz:/:iconpsychictypeplz:
HP: 97
Attack: 10
Def: 177
Sp. Attack: 159
Sp. Defence: 177
Speed: 10

Ability: Space Warp (Puts Trick Room in effect for 5 turns)

More will be added
When Ursula walked into class after waving to her new friend Bubby, she was pleased to see Adyina hugging her, but it was bittersweet.. "Hi, good to see you again." She said with a smile, but when Adyina was called over, she immediately looked away. She remembered that night Adyina told her that one day, Ursula would outlive them infinitely. The clay crafted child sat down for her next assignment.

That baby doll. Parenthood training it seems. The little golem thought to herself. "This doll has something in it. I need to be careful. She was trying desperately not to look at her older sibling as they seemed flustered, but there was no time for that. She watched Bubby as she had an annoyed look on her face that just screamed "Knock me out, please." Ursula grabbed the doll gingerly, being careful not to drop it. During this time, she watched Adyina work with her other dormmate.

While Adyina was panicking, Oleander lost her patience with them, and Bubby cursed herself, Ursula was watching the teacher give instructions. Soon, the artificial baby started to cry. Hunger perhaps? Or was its diaper full? She felt around the diaper, but she soon found out that the latter was not the case. She proceeded to grab a special bottle and fed the test doll. The times where the doll needed to be fed would vary, no doubt. Ursula looked stressed from all this, she was still physically a child, but any human would be dead by now. The little clay girl prepared herself for the difficult task on account that she was getting to that age. Only 20 more decades and she might as well be 15. While the baby doll mechanically sucked, Ursula started to wonder about being an actual mother. What do you get from it? What is a mother anyway?  It was soon that the mechanical baby forced the bottle out. It started to cry again, but this cry sounded different. The pattern of the sounds changed. This was an 'I have gas' cry apparently. "Let's just get this over with." Ursula thought to herself. She proceeded to move it to her shoulder and began to pat.

Ursula had an idea of what was next. The disgusting remains of what the baby couldn't digest. Any real baby would be unable to function fully. Gastronomically anyway. She was doing everything she could to keep the pseudo-infant unharmed. Her grip was firm yet gentle. Knowing the circumstances, nothing else would do. When the bell rang, the doll spit up on the small golem's back. It was thick and lumpy, unpleasant to the touch. She shuddered as soon as she felt it. "This is so gross..." She uttered as she wiped the doll's mouth, followed by her own back. Regarding that she was a germaphobe, she took no time before she wiped herself off. "Thank god this isn't a real baby." She said to herself. She got up to go eat her lunch, but she had no choice but to take the doll with her. Adyina met up with her on the way to the lunch room. "Well that was indignifying." They said, holding their doll. Flustered by almost breastfeeding in class and having Oleander yell at them seemingly through the whole class. "You're telling me." Ursula replied. "The doll puking on me was the worst part. If it were real spit up, I think I'd freak out." Her fear of germs almost got the best of her. "Yeah. I'm not sure how to handle these baby dolls either. I just wish I could have helped you." The older chimera looked down at their sister who smiled. "It's okay, I'm growing. I need to handle this. I want to be strong like you." Said Ursula, relieved that the doll had finally stopped crying. She was prepared to do the task successfully. And maybe wipe off afterwards. "Mr. Makato sure has a way with teaching." She said, looking down at the doll before feeling a touch from her sibling's gentle hand. "It's okay, I know you can do it. I believe in you." Adyina said, beaming kindly. Ursula smiled back as they both proceeded to the lunchroom.
Home Economics assignment one- Ursula Crescas
Home Eco assignment for :iconmonstrumacademy:

Featuring Adyina and Oleander (ShellyCake) and Bubby (Susa-roo)

Word count: 703
Monstrum Academy: Buck 'Faun' Henderson by The-Demihuman
Monstrum Academy: Buck 'Faun' Henderson
For :iconmonstrumacademy:

Name: Buck Henderson

Occupation: Student

Nickname: Faun (he prefers to be called this.)

Age: 214 (physically 17)

Birthday: April 6th

Height: 5 ft. 3

Weight: 70 pounds (Fairies are naturally light)

Gender: Male

Skin color: Pale

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Blue

Race: Fairy

country of origin: Great Britain

Family: Rachel Henderson (Twin sister)

Education: Public Educational System

Habits: Sometimes forgets to wear his retainer

Personality: Faun has a stereotypical "tough guy" attitude and is somewhat conceited, but he does care for his friends. Because of his high metabolism and partially from his sister; Rachel's knack for cooking, Faun is a glutton and eats a lot. To make up for it, he exercises to stay in shape.

History: Faun was born in Great Britain, growing from a flower with his sister: Rachel. He had spent most of his life pranking passing humans much to Rachel's chagrin, but after a hundred years or so, he became bored with pulling pranks. He has always had a strange liking to animals and admired them from a distance for a long time. While his sister moved on to cook, he flew to the Japan where he found out a boy named Aoi; a boy with DPD was abused by his grandmother and ever since they met, he became the second face to smile at the Japanese boy. He stayed by his side until he left for Monstrum Academy. Feeling lonely, Faun followed him after a while. He had found Aoi somewhere outside campus and asked where he had been. When he was shown the academy, he took a job at the nearby zoo until he had enough money to enter. Once he did, he jumped on the opportunity.

Tattoos: No

Other: The ability to fly. Likes to stare down from the roof.

                                                                                Medical profile

Medications: No

Diseases/Illnesses/Disorders/Curses: No

Allergies: Poison Ivy

Injuries (current): No

Past injuries: Scar from crashing into a bramble on his leg.

Scars: Scar from the bramble

Digitalised by ShellyCake

Aoi and Kuroe Takahashi belong to ShellyCake
Monstrum Academy app- Ursula Crescas by The-Demihuman
Monstrum Academy app- Ursula Crescas
My attempt at joining :iconmonstrumacademy:

Name: Ursula Crescas

Occupation: Middle School student

Age: 13 physically, 105 in total.

Nicknames: Ursa

Height: 4 Ft. 2

Weight: 157 (She's made of clay.)

Sex: Genderless, but made to be female.

Skin color: Clay Brown

Hair Color: Painted orange

Eye Color: Purple

Race: Clay Golem

Country of Origin: Israel

Family: Adyina (sibling)

Education: Public School.

Habits: Sweeps her room at 4:00 PM every day.

Personality: She's very playful and very much of a neat freak. For those who know her, she's very kind and thinks of others before herself. However, if she's tagged with an order tag, she enters a zombie-like state and her eyes turn blue as she carries out her command. This annoys her greatly after the trance is over. Order tags could be any scrap of paper. All one has to do is write down a command, stick it to the golem, it carries out the task with no hesitation. The paper cannot be removed until the task is complete, but it can be broken by erasing one tiny bit of a symbol with an eraser or white out. If the tag loses a small piece of a letter, the tag is completely voided. An out of place marking on the tag will also work. A slash through a letter or even a scribble over one will make the order tag useless. Even when angry, she has a constructive outlook and lets her emotions out creatively instead of destructively. She used to be afraid of Italians and Japanese people, but she became more fond of them thanks to her time in Monstrum.

History: Ursula was created by an achemist rabbi where she comes from about a decade after her sibling; Adyina and designed to be a daughter. Before World War 2 started, she was shipped off with her sibling and some other relatives to keep them both safe and since then, she has stayed by Adyina's side, keeping the bond between the two alive" It's  only somewhat recently she started going to School, having passed Kindergarten and five grades. Having lived for a hundred years, she knows the impact of war. From one family back, she learned to use jellybeans as a reward and trade system. It was one day her older sibling; Adyina decided and advised that it might be time for her to get an education. This resulted in both of them going to the library for an hour of computer time daily, printing out details of each found. They clicked a link in the most recommended and found Monstrum Academy which they both jumped on after reading it. Adyina helped her stock up enough funds to enter the academy by taking on odd jobs with her from various people. It took a while, but they got what they needed. As a result of growth, her blank monotone voice has become far more emotive, allowing her to sing. However, she was designed to see the human race to the end. As a result and to her grief, she cannot die.

Tattoos: Adyina painted her hair orange like their father.

Other: As a safety precaution, orders to kill or injure others don't count. She doesn't eat pork or crab.

                                                Medical Profile

Medications: N/A

Diseases/illnesses/disorders/curses: Being a golem, she is forced to carry out an order if she's tagged with one.

Injuries: N/A

Past injuries: N/A

Scars: Saltwater damage on the back of her leg

Digitalized by ShellyCake
Adiyna is (c) to ShellyCake
Mega Bronzong :iconsteeltypeplz:/:iconpsychictypeplz:
HP: 97
Attack: 10
Def: 177
Sp. Attack: 159
Sp. Defence: 177
Speed: 10

Ability: Space Warp (Puts Trick Room in effect for 5 turns)

More will be added


Just some slacker.
Seriously though, it's considered spam. Any "Thanks for the fav+" comments WILL be flagged as spam.

My best friends here in no particular order.

:iconcaptor-variety-girl: Good at drawing and fun to roleplay with.

:iconshiny-lioness: A really good artist, funny, and really nice.

:icondiloshstar: Such a sweet person. Very fun to talk to, and a great artist to boot.

:iconhybrid-mars: A cool guy to talk to, love to RP with you. Also likes to shoot grunts like me. :meow: :iconhybrid-mars::icongunplz::icongruntplz::iconexitplz:

:iconmidday-mayhem: Random, really funny, and draws well. Also likes GLaDOS. :3

:iconshadow-cipher: Very helpful, fun to RP with, and kindhearted.

:iconherooftime1000: Love your animations dude. A cool guy also.

:iconxxkate-munsterxx: Fun to talk to, a great artist, a cool person I say.

:iconlaura-the-animator: A very nice friend, artist, and fun to talk to.

:iconrubin55: Really nice to me. Draws really good, and fun to go into wifi games with.

:icondewydoughnuts: My canadian buddy! Such a nice person, and a good artist.

:iconchaosgengar: I like his made-up pokemon. He draws well and makes good sprites.

:iconthacman555::hug: My little bro. Fun to play games with.

:iconmizzbridget: Another old friend of mine. Funny and random. A tough girl who doesn't afraid of anything. XD

:icondarkdragon770: A fellow Portal Master. :D

:icontoddlergirl: She's not afraid to act less than her shoe size. :)

:iconcrispy-bacon: J'aime mon ami. :aww:

:iconhoke-of-hock: My neopian friend and Xweetok owner just like me! :iconx3v2plz:

:iconethan-busuttil: My buddy from NHS.

:iconconkanat: Funny at the best of times.

:pokeball::iconladycharizard::pokeball: Kind, good at drawing, and skilled at pokemon battles. (Not gonna lie, she doesn't f:iconfiretypeplz:k around.)

:icongamergirl140: My frequent countdown partner.

:iconsharidaken: He must be a clone of me.

:icontb-samurai: A panzer dragoon fan like me and generous. :)

:iconshellycake::hug: Say what you want, but she's like family to me.

:iconakatsukisakura001: I've known her ever since we lived in the same neigborhood. She's crazy, but cool. :)

:icontheice-sorceress: She had friends here, and no doubt I'm gonna miss her. vnv

:iconrayotennpera: It's not every day I get to meet another Panzer Dragoon fan. I like this person.

"Thanks for the fav+" IS CONSIDERED SPAM TO ME. Stop thanking me for faves!

Some of my favorite series
Panzer Dragoon Stamp by Sega-Club-Tikal :thumb158795847: Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi I love Zoids -stamp- by deutschschaferhund :thumb181508036: Garfield stamp by SiostraNocy Outlaw Star Stamp by TheMan268 Stamp: EEnE - Intro by YukiMizuno How to Train Your Dragon Stamp by LoudNoises :thumb275644454:

My favorite pokemon
635 - Hydreigon by Marlenesstamps 315 - Roselia by Marlenesstamps 335 - Zangoose by Marlenesstamps 632 - Durant by Marlenesstamps 609 - Chandelure by Marlenesstamps 423 - Gastrodon East by Marlenesstamps 637 - Volcarona by Marlenesstamps 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps 584 - Vanilluxe by Marlenesstamps 142 - Aerodactyl by Marlenesstamps 071 - Victreebel by Marlenesstamps 430 - Honchkrow by Marlenesstamps 445 - Garchomp by Marlenesstamps 230 - Kingdra by Marlenesstamps 392 - Infernape by Marlenesstamps 346 - Cradily by Marlenesstamps 643 - Reshiram by Marlenesstamps->White Kyurem by Marlenesstamps<-646 - Kyurem by Marlenesstamps 560 - Scrafty by Marlenesstamps 579 - Reuniclus by Marlenesstamps 376 - Metagross by Marlenesstamps 373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps 064 - Kadabra by Marlenesstamps 106 - Hitmonlee by Marlenesstamps 562 - Yamask by Marlenesstamps 248 - Tyranitar by Marlenesstamps Sylveon by Marlenesstamps 047 - Parasect by Marlenesstamps 545 - Scolipede by Marlenesstamps 282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps 591 - Amoonguss by Marlenesstamps 130 - Gyarados by Marlenesstamps 244 - Entei by Marlenesstamps 214 - Heracross by Marlenesstamps 303 - Mawile by Marlenesstamps 651 - Quilladin by Marlenesstamps 472 - Gliscor by Marlenesstamps 693 - Clawitzer by Marlenesstamps 677 - Espurr by Marlenesstamps 308 - Medicham by Marlenesstamps 454 - Toxicroak by Marlenesstamps 699 - Aurorus by Marlenesstamps Mega Charizard X by Marlenesstamps 718 - Zygarde by Marlenesstamps 382 - Kyogre by Marlenesstamps666 - Vivillon River Pattern by Marlenesstamps 709 - Trevenant by Marlenesstamps 260 - Swampert by Marlenesstamps 344 - Claydol by Marlenesstamps352 - Kecleon by Marlenesstamps558 - Crustle by Marlenesstamps

My pokemon Dream Team


Anti Awakened Mewtwo by LadyCharizardThis is a Mega Mewtwo free zone. No Mega Mewtwo are allowed beyond this point.

Twilight Sparkle


Dark-types are intuitive, adaptive opportunists who think outside the box. They tend to be cynical in thinking and have a dark sense of humour.

Current Residence: Australia. Need I say more?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ???
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Favourite style of art: comics
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MP3 player of choice: ???
Shell of choice: breadbug shells
Wallpaper of choice: mice
Skin of choice: Paper.
Favourite cartoon character: Roselia, Orta, Sylveon Hydreigon, Him, Bloom, Niblet, Dan, twilight Sparkle, and Pit.
Personal Quote: If you force a butterfly out of its pupa too soon, it will die.

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