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If you love your eyes, stay away from the back of this gallery.

:iconworriedgobberplz::iconsaysplz: I've seen a Nadder's spine slice through a man's eyeball like a grape. Watched me own arm get devoured by a Monstrous Nightmare. But never, NEVER have I seen anything so disturbing....... as the back of this guy's gallery! Enjoy anything else though. I'm going to the forest to scream.



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Banantula by The-Demihuman
Here we go again.

"Now Arocknids are creepy and all, but a bigger Arocknid with a bad hair day is just overkill. Imagine it. The tickle of 8 huge hairy legs crawling all over you to make your blood run cold. I mean this is as spider as it gets. It's enough to send you running for Mummy. Even more so if you just so happen to be something this huge bug eats. Good for pest control though. I kept one alive and we don't have as many Chocroaches as we used to.

Animal: Tarantula
Sweet: Banana
Value: 3600 Chocolate Coins
Attack: Scissors

The Banantula home is a Cellar full of webs.

Evolve requirements

Feed a Spider drink (Root Beer Float) to an Arocknid

Romance Requirements:

Has eaten a Ratsberry
Has eaten two Caramantids
Has eaten two Reddhotts
Have a Banantula home in the garden

Feed it a Buzzlegum to teach it Trick 1
Feed it a Pudgeon to feed it Trick 2

Feeding it a Poison Ivy flower will turn it green.
Feeding it a Root Beer will turn it white.
Feeding it a Nightshade Berry will turn it Purple.

Banantulas love eating Robeans, Caramantids, Chocroaches, Tafflies, Reddhotts, and Mousemallows.

Banantulas dislike eating vegetables and seeds.

Banantulas are afraid of Cashrews, Meerkitkats, Trufferrets, Buzzenges, Lackatoads, and Sodannas.

Sparrowmints, Tafflies, Buzzlegums, Mousemallows, Ratsberries, Sweetles, Chocroaches, Vanillipedes, Reddhotts, Sherbats, Pavlocusts, Snickadas, Dragumflies, Raisants, Pudgeons, Candaries, and Robeans are afraid of Banantulas.

A Banantula will start a fight with a Cinnagaroon, Stingerdoodle, or Hornte if one is nearby.

If a Banantula is wearing Batula Fangs, it will attack Ruffians.

Viva Pinata is (c) to Rare.
There is only life by The-Demihuman
There is only life
Here's to stress Ursula Crescas' biggest flaw. This girl is immortal. You start at Alpha, end at Omega. But when you embody both, there is no end. When you were designed to see the human race though to the end, there is only eternal loneliness. And life? That's just a fancy word for suffering. Take it from me. Immortality is not good. If your loved ones die, and they will, you'll never see them again. There's no happy ending because there is no end.

For those of you wondering, she's saying "The sky is beautiful." to her now expired older sibling; Adyina Crescas. Their favorite flower was the red poppy. Only lasted 600 years. Easy come, easy go.

Adyina is (c) to ShellyCake
So, I got a job but I make too much to get my Special Benefit back. I'm going to try and get extra work for an extra day or two. Chill Billies is a great place and it's a pleasure to work there. I want to make the most of it as long as I can because I can't live off a pinch of government money handouts. I was going to have to work for my own money. Had to happen sooner or later.
Cinnagaroon by The-Demihuman
Let's just get to it.

"Not to be confused with a macaroon made with cinnamon. It's more of a sour type of problem. Like when it sprays that really sour smelling fluid. You may not have to worry about it, unless of course you just so happen to be small enough to fit in those pincers. Also don't let its look decieve you. It's not actually a S'morepion.

Animal: Vinegaroon
Sweet: Cinnamon Roll
Value: 3600 Chocolate Coins
Attack: Vinegar bottles

The Cinnagaroon home is similar in appearence to a Troll tank from Kameo; Elements of Power.

Appear requirements:
Have a Vanillipede master romancer award

Appear movie; A thin antenna pops up from behind a rock, two claws help the Cinnagaroon climb up. It groons its claws, feels around with its front legs, then moves forward.

"You've attracted a Cinnagaroon! Armored Cinnagaroons can detect the movements of crunchy Vanillipedes from a mile away and it wants to have a closer look."

Visit requirements:
Have four Vanillipedes in the garden
Have two Mentopedes in the garden

"You have a new Cinnagaroon visitor. It couldn't resist the temptation of both Vanillipedes and Mentopedes to bite into.

Resident requirements:
Have a Troll King statue in the garden
Has eaten 2 Vanillipedes
Has eaten 3 Mentopedes

Romance requirements:
Is wearing a Troll Tank Cannon
Has eaten one Caramantis
Has eaten one Chocroach
Has eaten two Arocknids
Has eaten one Dragumfly
Have a Cinnagaroon home in the garden

Feed it a Reddhott to teach it Trick 1
Feed it a Spineapple to teach it Trick 2

Feed it a Thistle to turn it Pink.
Feed it a Dandelion to turn it Yellow.
Feed it a Prickly Pear seed to turn it Red. 

Cinnagaroons love eating Arocknids, Pavlocusts, Vanillipedes, and Mentopedes.

Cinnagaroons dislike eating fruits and vegetables.

Cinnagaroons are afraid of Trufferrets, Lackatoads, Cashrews, Parmadilloes, Meerkitkats, Galagoogoos, and Salamangoes

Whirlms, Tafflies, Reddhotts, Pavlocusts, Flutterscotches, Mothdrops, Chocroaches, Spineapples, Vanillipedes, Sweetles, Mousemallows, Ratsberries, Mentopedes, Caramantids, Arocknids, and Dragumflies are afraid of Cinnagaroons.

A Cinnagaroon will start a fight with a Banantula, Stingerdoodle, Hornte, or S'morepion if one is nearby.

Gossip about the Cinnagaroon

"Cinnagaroons love being the strongest bug in the garden. It'd be a shame if a Banantula came to challenge it."

"Somehow, I can't help but believe that Cinnagaroons are fans of King Thorn from that Kameo game."

"Stingerdoodles are very greedy. They don't like sharing their candy with Cinnagaroons."

Viva Pinata is (c) to Rare.
Ratsberry Pinata by The-Demihuman
Ratsberry Pinata
I've liked Viva Pinata for a long time. There, I said it. Don't judge. One of the first I came up with was a Sour but only now have I managed to come up with designs.

Sour Ratsberry
"When Mum told me there were sours in the sewer, I thought the last thing I'd want is them bringing all that filth up here. Toffleea ridden, voracious, and hard to get rid of. We may need some bigger traps. Here's to hoping it doesn't spread a plague through the garden.'

Appear requirements: You are a Level 12 gardener or better
Movie: The sour Ratsberry peeks out, sniffing, only to glare at a carrot. It bites the carrot scratches fleas onto it, and runs. A bunnycomb eats the carrot and gets sick.
Leafos description:
"Ew, is that a Sour Ratsberry?! My dad always told me they were the most disgusting vermin. And you better have a lock on your pantry.

Visit requirements:
You are a level 14 gardener or better

"You have a new Sour Ratsberry visitor. Unfortunately, it saw how well you were doing and came in to ruin your hard work.

Resident requirements: 
Has eaten two sandwiches
Has eaten a Pavlocust

As a sour, it poisons your food!
If you tame it, it destroys poisonous items.

"When I hear Ratsberry, the last thing I think is affectionate attention loving little rascal. I don't know why, but whenever I look at a Ratsberry, I get a strange urge to give it bread. Odd, isn't it? But their cuteness isn't the best best part. If it sees something poisonous, it'll take out the trash for you.

Animal: Rat
Sweet: Raspberry
Value: 1500 Chocolate Coins
Attack: Pizza Slices

The Ratsberry home is a house made out of pizza boxes.

Appear requirements:
Have a resident Ratsberry in the garden

Visit requirements:
Have four blocks of cheese in the garden
Have a reqident Mousemallow or Cashrew in the garden

"You have a new Ratsberry visitor! It came in from the smell of delicious cheese and the sight of a Mousemallow or Cashrew to share it with.

Resident requirements:

Has eaten two blocks of cheese
Has eaten one raisant

Romance requirements:
Has eaten one cheesecake
Has eaten one Vanillipede
Have a Ratsberry house in the garden

Feed it a monkeynut to teach it Trick 1
Feed it a banana to teach it Trick 2

Feed it a Coconut Macaroon to turn it white
Feed it a Gooseberry Fool to turn it Green
Feed it a Cherry Pie to turn it Red

Ratsberries love eating cheese, bananas, sandwiches, and spaghetti.

Ratsberries dislike eating lemons, garlic and onions.

Poppy seeds make Ratsberries ill.

Ratsberries are afraid of Syrupents, Twingersnaps, Fourheads, Hootyfruities, Buzzenges, Eaglairs, Candycranes, Trufferrets, Mentopedes, Kittyflosses, S'morepions, Cinnagaroons, Banantulas, and Flanacondas.

Raisants, Pavlocusts, Vanillipedes, Chocroaches, and Whirlms are afraid of Ratsberries.

Viva Pinata is (c) to Rare

So, I got a job but I make too much to get my Special Benefit back. I'm going to try and get extra work for an extra day or two. Chill Billies is a great place and it's a pleasure to work there. I want to make the most of it as long as I can because I can't live off a pinch of government money handouts. I was going to have to work for my own money. Had to happen sooner or later.


Just some slacker.
Seriously though, it's considered spam. Any "Thanks for the fav+" comments WILL be flagged as spam.

My best friends here in no particular order.

:iconcaptor-variety-girl: Good at drawing and fun to roleplay with.

:iconshiny-lioness: A really good artist, funny, and really nice.

:icondiloshstar: Such a sweet person. Very fun to talk to, and a great artist to boot.

:iconhybrid-mars: A cool guy to talk to, love to RP with you. Also likes to shoot grunts like me. :meow: :iconhybrid-mars::icongunplz::icongruntplz::iconexitplz:

:iconmidday-mayhem: Random, really funny, and draws well. Also likes GLaDOS. :3

:iconshadow-cipher: Very helpful, fun to RP with, and kindhearted.

:iconherooftime1000: Love your animations dude. A cool guy also.

:iconxxkate-munsterxx: Fun to talk to, a great artist, a cool person I say.

:iconlaura-the-animator: A very nice friend, artist, and fun to talk to.

:iconrubin55: Really nice to me. Draws really good, and fun to go into wifi games with.

:icondewydoughnuts: My canadian buddy! Such a nice person, and a good artist.

:iconchaosgengar: I like his made-up pokemon. He draws well and makes good sprites.

:iconthacman555::hug: My little bro. Fun to play games with.

:iconmizzbridget: Another old friend of mine. Funny and random. A tough girl who doesn't afraid of anything. XD

:icondarkdragon770: A fellow Portal Master. :D

:icontoddlergirl: She's not afraid to act less than her shoe size. :)

:iconcrispy-bacon: J'aime mon ami. :aww:

:iconhoke-of-hock: My neopian friend and Xweetok owner just like me! :iconx3v2plz:

:iconethan-busuttil: My buddy from NHS.

:iconconkanat: Funny at the best of times.

:pokeball::iconladycharizard::pokeball: Kind, good at drawing, and skilled at pokemon battles. (Not gonna lie, she doesn't f:iconfiretypeplz:k around.)

:icongamergirl140: My frequent countdown partner.

:iconsharidaken: He must be a clone of me.

:icontb-samurai: A panzer dragoon fan like me and generous. :)

:iconshellycake::hug: Say what you want, but she's like family to me.

:iconakatsukisakura001: I've known her ever since we lived in the same neigborhood. She's crazy, but cool. :)

:icontheice-sorceress: She had friends here, and no doubt I'm gonna miss her. vnv

:iconrayotennpera: It's not every day I get to meet another Panzer Dragoon fan. I like this person.

"Thanks for the fav+" IS CONSIDERED SPAM TO ME. Stop thanking me for faves!

Some of my favorite series
Panzer Dragoon Stamp by Sega-Club-Tikal :thumb158795847: Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi I love Zoids -stamp- by deutschschaferhund :thumb181508036: Garfield stamp by SiostraNocy Outlaw Star Stamp by TheMan268 Stamp: EEnE - Intro by YukiMizuno How to Train Your Dragon Stamp by LoudNoises :thumb275644454:

My favorite pokemon
635 - Hydreigon by Marlenesstamps 315 - Roselia by Marlenesstamps 335 - Zangoose by Marlenesstamps 632 - Durant by Marlenesstamps 609 - Chandelure by Marlenesstamps 423 - Gastrodon East by Marlenesstamps 637 - Volcarona by Marlenesstamps 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps 584 - Vanilluxe by Marlenesstamps 142 - Aerodactyl by Marlenesstamps 071 - Victreebel by Marlenesstamps 430 - Honchkrow by Marlenesstamps 445 - Garchomp by Marlenesstamps 230 - Kingdra by Marlenesstamps 392 - Infernape by Marlenesstamps 346 - Cradily by Marlenesstamps 643 - Reshiram by Marlenesstamps->White Kyurem by Marlenesstamps<-646 - Kyurem by Marlenesstamps 560 - Scrafty by Marlenesstamps 579 - Reuniclus by Marlenesstamps 376 - Metagross by Marlenesstamps 373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps 064 - Kadabra by Marlenesstamps 106 - Hitmonlee by Marlenesstamps 562 - Yamask by Marlenesstamps 248 - Tyranitar by Marlenesstamps Sylveon by Marlenesstamps 047 - Parasect by Marlenesstamps 545 - Scolipede by Marlenesstamps 282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps 591 - Amoonguss by Marlenesstamps 130 - Gyarados by Marlenesstamps 244 - Entei by Marlenesstamps 214 - Heracross by Marlenesstamps 303 - Mawile by Marlenesstamps 651 - Quilladin by Marlenesstamps 472 - Gliscor by Marlenesstamps 693 - Clawitzer by Marlenesstamps 677 - Espurr by Marlenesstamps 308 - Medicham by Marlenesstamps 454 - Toxicroak by Marlenesstamps 699 - Aurorus by Marlenesstamps Mega Charizard X by Marlenesstamps 718 - Zygarde by Marlenesstamps 382 - Kyogre by Marlenesstamps666 - Vivillon River Pattern by Marlenesstamps 709 - Trevenant by Marlenesstamps 260 - Swampert by Marlenesstamps 344 - Claydol by Marlenesstamps352 - Kecleon by Marlenesstamps558 - Crustle by Marlenesstamps

My pokemon Dream Team


Anti Awakened Mewtwo by LadyCharizardThis is a Mega Mewtwo free zone. No Mega Mewtwo are allowed beyond this point.

Twilight Sparkle


Dark-types are intuitive, adaptive opportunists who think outside the box. They tend to be cynical in thinking and have a dark sense of humour.

Current Residence: Australia. Need I say more?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ???
Print preference: ???
Favourite genre of music: ???
Favourite photographer: ???
Favourite style of art: comics
Operating System: ???
MP3 player of choice: ???
Shell of choice: breadbug shells
Wallpaper of choice: mice
Skin of choice: Paper.
Favourite cartoon character: Roselia, Orta, Sylveon Hydreigon, Him, Bloom, Niblet, Dan, twilight Sparkle, and Pit.
Personal Quote: If you force a butterfly out of its pupa too soon, it will die.

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